Something about light

The nature of light

Light, electromagnetic waves, visible lighting having a wavelength of 380-780 nm electromagnetic waves.

The nature of light

The quality of light

The higher the color temperature, which means that cold feeling stronger, the lower the temperature, the stronger the warm feeling softer. High color temperature are cool colors, is white, and even blue. Low color temperature are warm, warm white light. Neutral light, yellowish white, is seen as excessively warm color temperature from warm to cold segment color temperature.

The quality of light

2700K warm yellow

Color yellow, giving a warm feeling for gold shops, bakeries, cafes, bars etc.

2700K warm yellow

3000K warm light

Warm white color temperature 3000K, warm white light similar to incandescent lamps, the red component of many, to give people a warm, healthy, comfortable feel. Suitable for family, home, dormitories, hotels and places where the temperature is relatively low.

4000K neutral light

Neutral light color temperature 4000K, close to natural light, soft light, giving a pleasant, comfortable and serene feeling. Suitable for shops, hospitals, offices, hotels, restaurants, waiting rooms and other places.

LUX The feeling for the light color temperature
3000K 5000K 6500K
<50 pleasant usual uncomtable
100-200 excited pleasant common
>300 uncomtable excited pleasant
5500K day light

Day light color, its color temperature 5500K, bright feeling, people focus. Suitable for offices, conference rooms, class rooms, drawing room, design room, library reading room, exhibition windows and other places.

6500K cool white

Color white temperature above 6500K, bluish, giving a cool feeling, suitable for laboratory, design studios, platinum, emerald jewelry, optical shops etc.

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