The rise of LED lights Technology Co., Ltd.In towns and cities across the world, the colour of night is changing. Traditional yellow sodium street lights are steadily being replaced by white LED lamps. The new lights use less energy, dramatically cutting carbon emissions, no strobe flash, no glare, no UV and no radiation and saving money. This is an unstoppable trend for the leading of led lights in the field of lighting around the world.

1.Light emitting diodes - or LEDs - first appeared as red lights in pocket calculators and digital watches in the 1960s.
2.Now white LEDs are used in everything from car headlights to camera flashes and home lighting
3.The first LED street lights were rated 4,000 Kelvin or higher on the temperature chart used to describe colour.

4.The latest LEDs have lower Kelvin ratings and produce a softer, amber light and less potentially harmful blue light.

5.LED lights are up to 50% more energy-efficient than traditional yellow sodium lights and last for up 20 years, instead of two to five. Technology Co., Ltd.



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